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Southwest Washington Gold Prospectors

All interested parties are invited to attend one of our monthly meetings. There will be opportunities to learn about prospecting laws, methods, and equipment as well as some hands-on practice. There also are outings to enjoy the pleasures of the out of doors and prospecting for gold. Become a member of one of the newest chapters of the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA)

 No membership fees!

GPAA membership is not required to be a member

All memberships are individual; there is no age requirement to join in the fun!

Upcoming SWWGP  Meetings

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2017

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Minnehaha Grange Hall No. 164

4905 NE St. Johns Road

Vancouver, WA

Meet: 2 pm

2nd Sunday EVERY month

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Sept 10

Oct 8

Nov 12

Come Join Us !!

Brand New! Double barrel Lot-O vibrating tumbler - sells for $299

$260 to members of the GPAA or SWWGP

CONTACT: Rick Beehler


Next Meeting

Sept 10th at 2PM

If you are a GPAA member and you would like to use the New online mining guide:

Go to Youtube and type in "How to use the new GPAA online mining guide"

After you have done that, Log into the GPAA web site.

It requires you to set up a password to gain access to the site and provide your GPAA member number.

If your having problems with that you can contact me:

 Steve Lewin GPAA Oregon/Washington State Director at or call 971 212 5996 thanks